While the structures often measure less than . Many designers have figured . El movimiento Pequeñas Casas es una forma popular de referirse al movimiento. Su superficie ronda los metros cuadrados y en algunos casos apenas alcanza los 10. Our houses are designed to have a warm, open feel and range in size from . Esas casitas tan pequeñas que parecen sacadas de un cuento infantil, o de la sección de casetas para perros, se llaman tiny houses.

They are stylish, flexible and eco-friendly. So without further ado, here . Top tiny house designs and the latest trends for going small. Use your next break to discover what makes the tiny house movement so popular.

You may just become a convert. Shop with confidence on eBay! A social media campaign tracked its journey from . Some friendships last forever.

The increased demand for space has created a shortage of unused . See the latest news and architecture related to tiny – houses , only on ArchDaily. It may sound nice to quit your 9-to-for a mortgage-free home that could fit in your backyar but is it . Tiny homes are all the rage nowadays. Compact, fully functioning, transportable dwellings. High-end design and construction at an affordable, flexible, and . Small footprint but with a cozy feel. View our tiny home selection.

MODS International builds tiny houses ! If you are considering or are currently in the market for a tiny house , guest house or cabin, please contact us. Tiny House Company, Brisbane, Australia. So-called tiny houses could be part of the answer to homelessness in Chicago, and Catholic Charities wants to build a few of the small homes.

A resource for living large in small spaces. Links to blogs and sites that promote the tiny or small house movement. While not for everyone, interest in small and . Our tiny homes can best be described as cabin-like, contemporary,. SINGAPORE – A new company founded by three Singaporean entrepreneurs allows homebuyers to buy an eco-friendly tiny house on wheels . A growing number of towns and cities have found a practical solution to homelessness through the construction of tiny – house villages—and housing officials are .

We ship anywhere in the continental US. DIY Network profiles small homes that feature clever use of space and storage. Cass Community Social Services breaks ground on five more tiny homes in northwest Detroit.

The program gives people an opportunity at . We are currently creating an in-depth video series that follows our progress as . A display site of tiny houses is set to open in Melbourne as interest in small-scale living continues to sweep the country.